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Laser Tattoo Removal

Bloom Medical Aesthetics |
Laser Tattoo Removal in downtown Fredericksburg, VA.

Live Without Regrett with our Laser Tattoo Removal from Bloom Medical Aesthetics.

Advanced & Next-Gen Technology for the removal of tattoos without scarring

Remove the past with an FDA-Approved professional laser tattoo removal at our Fredericksburg, VA, medical spa. Bloom Medical Aesthetics offers options to lighten, fade, & work to remove unwanted tattoo pigment.

Not loving your tattoo anymore? We have you covered with laser tattoo removal treatments. 

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Live without regret & be comfortable in your skin. 

Dealing with a tattoo that is no longer your favorite?  

Live without regret & be comfortable in your skin. Sometimes it is time for a change, or the ink we got at 18 is no longer something we desire. At Bloom Medical Aesthetics, we can help. This premier Laser Tattoo Removal service for the Fredericksburg, VA, area offers options to lighten, fade, & work to remove unwanted tattoo pigment.


The Spectrum Q switched laser pulses high power laser beams with such precision that they don’t interact with the surrounding tissue, eliminating significant surrounding tissue damage and focusing the target only on the tattoo ink pigments. This leads to quicker & less complicated healing times.



At Bloom Medical Aesthetics, our professional tattoo removal treatments are done by advanced lasers that use dual wavelengths to remove a vast range of tattoo pigments.


Our Laser Tattoo Removal treatment is the gold-standard method to start removing a tattoo you no longer want. Tattoo removal works by breaking apart larger ink particles layer by layer. Your body’s white blood cells can then carry away the smaller broken-down particles quicker. With time and continued sessions, a tattoo can be completely removed. A typical tattoo takes about 10 – 12 treatments, spaced 6 – 8 weeks apart, to remove.  


Expect multiple treatments to be necessary. A consultation is recommended as smaller tattoos take less time to treat compared to larger ones. We want to ensure we block off the appropriate amount of time to treat you. Factors that contribute to the number of treatment sessions include the age of the tattoo, the type and number of colors used, the location on the body of the tattoo, and the ink density.

When Forever, Shouldn't Be Forever Anymore.


Have your procedure performed in the Bloom Medical Aesthetics office and be home that same day.

The procedure itself is very well tolerated with minimal discomfort. After the treatment, some discomfort is a normal response during recovery. The treated areas will feel tender and sensitive to the touch. Some swelling and occasional slight blistering can occur. Similar to a sunburn, these effects will subside over the next few days as does the discomfort. 

Please Note, at Bloom Medical Aesthetics, we do not treat tattoos of the face, scalp, genitals, or feet.

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Before & After
Before & After

Bloom Medical Aesthetics Medical Spa |
Laser Tattoo Removal in downtown Fredericksburg, VA.

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Why Bloom Medical Aesthetics?

Bloom Medical Aesthetics is founded on a strong background in general and oncological surgery that built a love for providing a safe and highly skilled environment for wellness. We bring a passion for restoring and encouraging patients in a more natural holistic way at Bloom Medical Aesthetics in Fredericksburg, VA.  

Advanced Facial Anatomy Training

Artistically Trained Eye

Safe & Respectful Environment

10+ years of skilled healthcare experience

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